Ruha Taslimi (April 22, 1979 - February 18, 2067) has always been a storm. She is here to share her heart with the world. She is the person you keep glaring at for laughing too loud in the audience at UCB shows. She is so grateful to have found UCB and worked with so many illustrious educators including Suzi Barrett, Tara Copeland, James Mastraieni, Eugene Cordero, Will Hines, Alex Fernie, Neil Casey and Julie Brister. She has had the honor of playing with two UCB Mess Hall Teams: Baby Strength and Moon Hundred. She co-hosts THE SCORE at the UCB inner sanctum the first Tuesday of every month. The Score is a comedy and rap variety show hosted by the silent soundtrack team The Score. Ruha Taslimi always wears a crystal.

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